16 Dec 2021

The Medical Benefits of Fluoropolymers

Imagine you were going in for a surgery. The surgical team preps an operating room and the scrub nurse lays out an array of equipment for the surgeon to use. In front of the surgeon, a choice: a cardiac patch with fluoropolymers layered into its scaffolding and one without.

To the untrained eye, this may seem a minute, even irrelevant difference, but the middle of a surgery is not the time for equipment to fail and only the most reliable, safe, and durable material should be used to provide you with the best possible chances for a healthy outcome. The fluoropolymer-coated patch is durable and will save you from needing to return soon for another surgery to replace the patch. 

Carbon and fluorine molecules bind together perfectly to create long-lasting, durable solutions to both every day and extraordinary problems.

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