27 May 2021

Fluoropolymers and Fuel Cells

With hydrogen set to become one of the many drivers of Europe’s decarbonisation, it is perhaps no surprise that, according to the Hydrogen Council, there are 200 hydrogen fuel cell projects currently announced in Europe, with investments focussed across multiple industries, from transport to heavy industry. In fact, according to a recent industry report, the majority of global hydrogen-related investments this decade will be made in Europe.

Hydrogen is on everyone’s minds when it comes to the future of energy production and will be critical in helping Europe achieve its Green Deal objectives as well as the objectives set out at COP21. By 2030, 110 000 fuel cell trucks and busses could be on the road, and fuel cell electric vehicles could account for 1 in 22 passenger vehicles; in the construction sector, hydrogen could replace an estimated 7% of natural gas (by volume).

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