22 Dec 2020


Fluoropolymers are critical to a variety of industries and applications across Europe. Over the coming editions we’ll be exploring these in more detail in the Industry Spotlight section – in this first edition we’ll focus on a quick overview of critical uses across a range of applications.   While you may be aware of the uses in your specific industry, fluoropolymers have many surprising uses and enable a whole host of innovative solutions. In fact, did you know:  
  • Aerospace: Fluoropolymers help reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions across the full lifespan.
  • Automotive:Fluoropolymers help make traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles safer and cleaner, enabling a transition to electromobility.
  • Chemical and power: Fluoropolymer coatings, linings and components are critical to preventing corrosion in harsh industrial environments, enabling additional durability.
  • Electronics: Fluoropolymers enable improved performance of cables, notably data transmission cables, for the automotive sector and for medical imaging. They are critical to driving a digital transition in Europe.
  • Food and pharmaceuticals: Fluoropolymers help reduce food waste, maintain food freshness and enhance pharmaceutical safety within the applications they are used.
  • Medical Equipment and devices: Crucial to the industry, fluoropolymers help prevent drug contamination and material failure, protecting lives and saving costs across the sector.
  • Textiles: With their unique properties, fluoropolymers combine durability, waterproofing and breathability in low weight but hard-wearing materials for a range of activities.
  • Architecture: Fluoropolymers provide durable, fire-proof, easy-to-clean building materials which can reduce a building’s cooling costs and energy use.
  • Renewable energy: An indispensable driver of the Green Deal, fluoropolymers are helping innovate across smart mobility, clean energy and sustainable industry.
  These industries are at the heart of an innovative and competitive European market. In the next edition, we’ll be taking a closer look at one of these key industries and how fluoropolymers are used across a host of critical applications.