Driving sustainability, competitiveness and innovation: a wide range of industry applications

Fluoropolymers are helping to drive the competitiveness of EU industry as well as enabling major innovations across a wide range of critical industries.

In addition, fluoropolymers are a key enabler of the European Green Deal and critical for long-term sustainability. They are used, for example, across smart mobility, clean energy and sustainable industry - and are used within various vital components of renewable energy installations, such as hydrogen and PV panels. In addition, they facilitate advanced energy storage and conversion technologies such as lithium-ion batteries.

Fluoropolymer facts and figures:

The production and sale of fluoropolymers themselves creates significant positive and direct socioeconomic effects in the EU.


52,000 tonnes

In 2015, around 52,000 tonnes of fluoropolymers worth approximately €780 million were sold.


18% higher

By tonnage, the EU is a net importer of fluoropolymers, but the sales values of exports (€380 million) are around 18% higher than the sales value of imports (€310 million).


5.5% of turnover

EU fluoropolymer manufacturing is a highly innovative sector, with an estimated €43 million invested in research and development (R&D) in 2015. This equates to 5.5% of turnover; around triple the EU average.


Maintain innovation

Having a fluoropolymer industry in Europe enables EU-based companies to meet lead times for the various end-user sectors. This is necessary to maintain innovation and R&D as companies are continually customizing products for their local customers.