Food and pharmaceutical industry

Reducing food waste and driving efficiencies for the pharmaceutical industry.

The importance of fluoropolymers for the sector

Fluoropolymers enable durable processing equipment, ensuring food freshness and pharmaceuticals purity as well as a high level of efficiency by preventing corrosion and facilitating cleaning. As they are durable, fluoropolymers play an important role in extending the lifespan of a range of products, such as flexible plastic-based food packaging. Fluoropolymer coatings on flexible plastic-based food packaging can help keep food fresh, thereby reducing food waste and helping the EU achieve its  sustainability goals.

In the European biopharmaceutical manufacturing sector alone, €270 million was saved in 2012 compared to 2008 from contamination and material failure reductions. Such improvements can be attributed to a range of factors, but fluoropolymers play an important role in these efficiency gains

The unique properties of fluoropolymers

Fluoropolymers are crucial for many applications in the food and pharma sectors due to their unique properties.

Their non-wetting and non-stick properties and high resistance to extreme temperatures provide a number of benefits including:


Increased lifetime of components


Lower cleaning and maintenance costs


Increased productivity by enabling production of multiple products with the same equipment, reducing failures and improving flow of process substances


Higher production yields and quality from improved purity of process substances


Health benefits from high purity and hygiene standards, lower health risks from cross contamination and avoiding over- or under-dosage of pharmaceuticals


Lower levels and risk of exposure of workforce and environment to chemicals, including avoiding leaks


Prolonged preservation of the product


Combination of steam, heat, chemical and UV resistance enables efficient sterilization

Fluoropolymers and the future of the industry

Fluoropolymers are key enablers of innovation in the food and pharmaceutical sectors.  Perhaps most importantly to society as a whole, they allow for reduced food waste and increased efficiency of pharmaceuticals.

  • High Efficiency Dry Powder Inhaler: Coating the inhaler and capsule with fluoropolymers significantly increased the emitted dose.


  • Lining of valves, piping, tubing, filters, seals, gaskets and other standard fluid handling components
  • Lining of mixing vessels and tanks
  • Coating on processing belts
  • Labware
  • Medicine Packaging
  • Items that need sterilization