Improving product functionality and driving environmental and health benefits.

The importance of fluoropolymers for the sector

Fluoropolymers are used in coatings for cookware, ovenware and small electrical appliances to create a non-stick surface which carries a host of benefits for consumers when handling and cooking food. Cookware with non-stick coatings require less detergents and water for cleaning and provide better durability ensuring a low environmental impact. They also help consumers eat more healthily as less cooking oil is required and they reduce the ingestion of harmful substances associated with charred food.


By using these coatings, aluminium can be used as the basis of cookware which allows for lower energy consumption as aluminium’s thermal conductivity is far superior to alternate metals in use today.


Unique properties of fluoropolymers and their benefits for the sector

Fluoropolymers have many unique properties that greatly improve the functionality of cookware.

Their non-stick, durability and thermal resistance provide numerous benefits including:


Increased functionality for consumers – easier cleaning


Environmental benefits – less water and less detergent


Limits unintended release of aluminium


Health benefits – less cooking oil needed and reduced consumption of carcinogens as food is less likely to stick and burn


Reduced energy consumption by enabling use of thermally conductive aluminum


  • Non-stick coatings for cookware, ovenware and small electrical appliances