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  • What is a fluoropolymer?

    Fluoropolymers are a distinct subset of fluorinated polymers. They are polymers with fluorine atoms directly attached to their carbon-only backbone. With their unique physico-chemical properties, these specialty plastics are virtually chemically inert, non-wetting, non-stick, and highly resistant to temperature, fire and weather. Irreplaceable in many applications, their unique properties cannot be guaranteed by other polymers.

  • Where are fluoropolymers used?

    Fluoropolymers are unique chemical substances used across numerous technologies, industrial processes and everyday applications from the aviation industry to transportation, medical devices and energy production and technical apparel.




Fluoropolymers offer the necessary resistance and durability to withstand the immense pressures bearing down on spacecrafts.

Fluoropolymers and Energy Storage

Charging up the European Green Deal

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Fluoropolymers Product Group Newsletter

In this edition of the monthly newsletter, we investigate the role that fluoropolymers play in the aerospace industry. rom ensuring resistance to atmosphere friction and higher safety to helping to achieve the European Green Deal targets, without fluoropolymers, the aviation sector would not be able to achieve such high quality and safety standards.

The EU solution to the semiconductor shortage

Today, technology is at the heart of globalisation, with semiconductors imperative to its success. However, on a global scale, supply chains are facing difficulties in providing these materials which are critical to the production of electronic devices, refrigerators, automobiles and, even, renewable energy.