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  • What is a fluoropolymer?

    Fluoropolymers are a distinct subset of fluorinated polymers. They are polymers with fluorine atoms directly attached to their carbon-only backbone. With their unique physico-chemical properties, these specialty plastics are virtually chemically inert, non-wetting, non-stick, and highly resistant to temperature, fire and weather. Irreplaceable in many applications, their unique properties cannot be guaranteed by other polymers.

  • Where are fluoropolymers used?

    Fluoropolymers are unique chemical substances used across numerous technologies, industrial processes and everyday applications from the aviation industry to transportation, medical devices and energy production and technical apparel.




Fluoropolymers offer the necessary resistance and durability to withstand the immense pressures bearing down on spacecrafts.

Fluoropolymers and Energy Storage

Charging up the European Green Deal

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Fluoropolymers and Electronics

The backbone of our electronics and catalyst for smarter energy use

Fluoropolymers Product Group Newsletter

In this edition, we focus on use of fluoropolymers in solar panels and how they make a relevant contribution in meeting the EU’s renewable energy targets. Fluoropolymers can be used for a variety of renewable energy sources such as hydrogen or photovoltaics (PV). Their unique properties make them ideally suited to resist any heavy weather conditions that renewable energy installations like solar panels need to withstand.