The Fluoropolymer industry in Europe
A socio-economic perspective
March 2018


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Socio-economic Analysis of the European Fluoropolymer Industry 
Executive Summary
May 2017




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Guide for the Safe Handling of Fluoropolymer Resins
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Guide for the Safe Handling of Tetrafluoroethylene
F. Ferrero, M.J. Shenton, D. Bellucci and T. Spoormaker




The chemical hazards associated with handling tetrafluoroethylene (TFE) on industrial production facilities are presented. TFE is an extremely flammable and chemically unstable gas. Even in the absence of oxygen, it can explosively decompose and unfortunately there have been many industrial accidents from the un-wanted ignition of TFE; some of which have resulted in fatalities and significant equipment damage. In addition to TFE property and toxicity data, this report presents some of the latest experimental data on TFE flammability and decompositions, particularly those caused by hot-spots and adiabatic compression of other gases in pipes with a diameter up to 2.5 cm. Furthermore, details of potential ignition sources are discussed as are the risks and hazards of storing and handling TFE at industrial facilities. Examples of explosion protection equipment and procedures are given.

Key words: TFE, tetrafluoroethylene, decomposition, adiabatic compression.

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